DD Bar Farm  

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5yr olds

Goodbye Percentage

5 yr old Bay Tovero / Gelding

2 blue eyes

Price $3,500.00

Frank is what  we call him after ol "Blue Eyes, Frank Sinsetra"  Nice Big Gelding that is still has not fill out.  Been ridding and Sorting cows on the farm with him,  Take on some local Trail rides and worked him through the poles.  Side passes, Back ups, & will Lope off.

Goodbye Ringo

5yr old Grullo / Tobino Gelding

Price:  $4,500

Ringo is a very quite gelding, that I feel confident that anyone could ride.  I have been ridding him around the cattle, and he actually won a little money at his first ranch sortin (Luck).  We just got back from a long weekend of ridding at the Shawnee National Forest.  Ringo will lope a slow barrel pattern, very consistent. Stands well for the farrier, cliping and anything else you want to do.  

DD Bar Cartwright

Quarter Pony / Blue Roan Gelding

7yr old


This is one heck of a pony,  will ranch sort, run barrels or poles.  with a little kid. or go with a grown up.  Just tell him the speed you want to go.

Goodbye Toga

5yr old Solid APHA / Gelding

Price: Sold

Like this horse more every time I ride him.  Slow Gait, very smooth,  did some growing since these pics.  Gets along with everyone.  Does what he is told.